When you learn how this world works, you automatically start getting miracles... what others will call miracles.

- Richard Bach -


Lars Steinberg cooperates with consultants, process facilitators and trainers from Scandinavia, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world who share visions, values and working methods.

We view ourselves as process architects, change navigators and coaches who support people and organisations in realizing their full potential. Our competence contributes to freeing energy and power. The intention is that you as a human being or your organisation as a workplace can be even more alive, in balance and successful, able to reach challenging goals. With a variety of tools that work, we are facilitating processes that are focussed on your targets.

Lars Steinberg is a co-initiator of Beyond Performance Group that has a framework agreement for consulting, training and change facilitation services with Sweden´s second largest employer, the Municipality of Gothenburg. Lars is also an active part of different work-networks in Central Europe and co-owner of the Genuine Contact program that is run and further developed by an international community of about 50 experienced consultants from all over the world.

Through these networks, it is possible to create optimum project teams that meet the needs with regard to a given assignment both with regard to attitudes and values, expertise, language and geography.