Seminars and trainings

Energy Upgrade supports the design and facilitation of seminars, workshops and trainings. We have many years of experience with tailoring seminars, workshops and trainings with regard to the specific needs of our clients. Our experience ranges from 2 hour impulse-workshops with inputs and practical exercises to development programs in several modules with up to 14 days of training per participant. Also with regard to location and group size, there are a lot of options. We have experience with up to 450 participants in one room at the same time. The overview below gives some examples of our offers, and we always like to contribute to the development and the carrying-out of new seminars, workshops and trainings.

New Time Leadership

We live in the midst of an important time in human history, a time of different crises and great opportunities. The focus is shifting towards oneness, ”win-win” and an optimum interplay with the surroundings. Read more

Leading from the heart

The capacity to stay centered in the heart, to recreate an emotional balance anew and anew and to keep the heart open can be regarded as a key competence in modern leadership. Read more

Mindset Upgrade

Mindset Upgrade is a state-of-the-art training program for changing underlying filters, beliefs and the human "auto-pilot" that evokes a number of behavioral patterns. Read more

Process facilitation

During this training, you learn to compose and facilitate learning and development processes that address the whole person, not only the head. Read more


In our communication trainings, we create a safe laboratory for new experiments, feedback, reflection and the transfer of new skills into everyday worklife. Read more

Team Performance

Energy Upgrade offers both seminars and training programs for teams that want to learn specific tools and skills to increase their performance. Read more

The challenging conversation

This program provides specific tools and training with regard to the conversations that are often avoided in many businesses and public authorities. Read more

Value-based selling

New perspectives and the training of value-based communication in specific exercises can be a key to sales successes. Read more

Open Space Technology

Open Space as a meeting methodology opens possibilities for effective collaboration at a high level, life-long learning, the utilization of group intelligence and creative problem solving. Read more

Systemic coaching

Lars Steinberg has many years of experience with tailoring systemically oriented trainings with topics such as leadership, communication, coaching, the life-nurturing working climate and challenging conversations. Read more

Be the Change Symposium

This seminar is a contribution to an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on our planet Earth. Read more