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    Everything you can imagine is real.

    - Pablo Picasso -

    Good meetings & conferences

    We contribute to the design and realization of good meetings, workshops and conferences. With a rich experience in the facilitation of creative and effective gatherings with between 3 and 450 people in the same place at the same time, we create a room where people can exchange ideas, develop strategies or where the organisation´s inherent potential can be obvious and be of practical use.

    We focus on creating the preconditions for the emergence of individual and collective wisdom. In this case, the whole gets significantly larger than the sum of the parts. Our intention is that the client achieves his goals with the event by letting the best of the participants come forward both individually and as a whole. This is done - amongst others - by opening up an access to both intellectual and intuitive knowledge and wisdom. We believe and have experienced that what is needed for a solution or for achieving a goal with a meeting or conference is always present in the group.

    Amongst the methods and tools that we are using on our way through the working processes, we find Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Wisdom Council and Dynamic Facilitation. 

    Bilde arbeidsprosess i stor gruppe

    Photo: Nicole Cronauge

    From the goals of the client with the event, we are tailoring the design with regard to length, geography and the composition of activities. Such meetings can have the following themes (examples):

    • To develop shared visions, goals and strategies
    • To gather the energy of all employees like a laser beam towards a goal
    • To create enthusiasm amongst employees for shared values
    • To find answers to complex questions with the help of the employees
    • To start changes in the organizational structure and in working processes.
    • To let the business or the organisation grow together to a real unity after a merger
    • To improve the cooperation internally between organizational units, with suppliers or other players
    • To improve the working climate
    • To create optimism after a period of decline, grief or crisis.
    • To do creative and engaging leadership conferences that create a dividend for the investment of having people come together for a meeting or conference.