The extraordniary does not happen on the usual path.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -


Energy Upgrade offers support of change and transformation processes in businesses and other organisations that want to reach new levels of success. The specific challenges and goals of the client serve as a starting point for a tailor-made process design. Thereafter, we contribute to carrying it through. We bring many years of experience with holistic process support and a number of modern methods and tools into our cooperation with the client.

The organisational development of the past has to a large degree created employees, and different quality systems have supported a mechanization of people at many workplaces. In this system, many have perfect control over their area of expertise, but there are only a few who have a relational binding to and think and understand the whole of the organization. This leads often to a strain of the few who have focus on the organisation as a whole. The right and obligation to belonging, relationships and connections are central areas of attentions and focus in our support of learning- and development processes on all levels.

Here are some examples of different types of assignments and objectives that we are contributing to:

  • Distillation of the organisation´s purpose, mission and vision
    Businesses, teams and other organisations are task-centred systems. A purpose, mission and vision represent the foundation for belonging and an experience of meaning for the individual employee. The clearer the purpose of the organisation, the more powerful can an employee join in and contribute to the realisation of what the organisation exists for. In addition, we see the purpose of the business or other type of organisation as a basis for a successful strategy development and implementation.
  • Development of values driven organisations
    Amongst others values driven organisational development, values driven leadership development and programs to identify and change a "mindset", in alignment with the values of the organisation and its operative goals.
  • Strategy development and implementation
    We have good experiences with a strategy process in 5 steps: Step 1 secures that the organisation is ready for a new strategy. Step 2 secures engagement at all levels that are important for the development of a new strategy. Step 3 leads to the formulating of the new strategy as a useful compass for future decisions and specific actions. During step 4, the new strategy is implemented, and step 5 secures follow-up and quality insurance.
  • Development and implementation of an HR-strategy
    When strategies are changed and give a new focus, this means new demands to the people on many levels of the organisation. We contribute with analysis and facilitate a developement process, for example with regard to strategic competence development and improvement of work process organisation. In the course of this process, leaders and staff become driving forces to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Organisational transformation
    Top-level decisions, changes in strategy (for example related to "Blue Economy" or other business goals) or other conditions can be a starting point for smaller or larger changes and transformations. We support businesses and other organisations in these kind of changes and transformations, create and facilitate a process which applies the wisdom and knowledge for a successful transformation that is inherent in the organisation and coach leaders in the course of the process.
  • Development of organisational culture, for example after a merger
    International research shows the importance of organisational culture for the success of mergers. Also with regard to the integration of public authorities and other conditions and goals, Energy Upgrade supports the solution-focused development of organisational culture.
  • Development of leadership groups and -teams
    Energy Upgrade has long-term experience with tailored development programs for leadership teams. It makes a substantial difference if the leadership team comes together in sheer routine while every participant is "busy with his or her own stuff", or if the leadership team is united in a shared purpose and serves as an arena for development of the individual leader as well as of the organisation as a whole.
  • Team development
    Peter Senge has studied leadership teams and other teams of highly qualified human beings where every individual has an IQ above average, but which together as a team can have an IQ below average. Energy Upgrade has gained experience with means, tools and processes that open access to the collective intelligence that exists in all teams.
  • Performance increase
    We have developed a series of trainings- and development programs that contribute to the increase of individual and organisational performance. Moreover, we are available for coaching and mentoring.
  • Working climate development
    Energy Upgrade has long term experience with supporting organisations in their development of a working climate that contributes to human well-being, a high degree of presence, focus on human growth, productivity and quality.
  • Development of internal relationships
    We support businesses and other organisations in their development of new and deepened relationships, amongst others in conflict resolution and competence to build relationships. In addition, Energy Upgrade has long-term experience in creating a safe space in which leaders and colleagues can experience new behaviour and take this into everyday life. This creates possibilities for the experience of belonging to a living organism that makes a difference, is meaningful and inspires to let the best in everyone come forward.
  • Product development
    Development of new products, services and of the working processes that are at their basis.


Amongst the methods and tools we use during the working process, there are Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), Mindset Upgrade, CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools), The Medicine Wheel Tool, Counselling, The Circle Way, Be the Change Symposium, PER-K, Wisdom Council and Dynamic Facilitation.