When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

- Wayne Dyer -

Coaching and mentoring

Energy Upgrade offers companionship to top executives, leaders on other organisational levels, key staff and teams, in addition to personal coaching and mentoring.

Both coaching and mentoring are based on relationship and the intentions and needs of the client. We look at mentoring as "a state of being", with storytelling and the exchange of wisdom in a more "socratic" way. During a mentoring process, the mentor shares wisdom with the mentee, and at the same time the mentor is learning from the mentee in a type of circular process.

Coaching can be seen as a more linear relationship that is more focused on "doing" while the consciousness is shaped through questioning and probing. The attention is on the coachee and on expanding her or his skills. The intentions of the coachee are dealt with in a solution-focused way, with a focus on an interplay between intuition, feelings, conscious choices and subconscious patterns in our human "autopilot", to broaden the support and the possibilities for inspired action and fulfilling results.

Because your so-called work-life balance is a central precondition for realizing your full potential at your workplace, personal topics often have their place in business coaching. Amongst others, the following topics can be a part of a coaching process:

  • Personal power, self-worth and authenticity
  • Clarity in your own mission and visions
  • Communication
  • Leadership qualities
  • Stress- and performance-management

When you want to get in contact with what is really moving you, that gives you meaning, power and joy in your life and in your work and that lets what so far seemed impossible be possible, you are welcome to contact us. Our coaching-sessions are characterized by a special immediateness and effect, combined with carefulness and appreciation of the coacheeĀ“s inner wisdom. The sessions often give sensational results, also with regard to topics that people have been troubled with for a long time.

What we are thinking about ourselves, our skills, other people and the world around us define what we regard as possible for ourselves and others and with how much effort or lightness we are achieving it. And our subconscious beliefs and decisions determine also what kind of feelings we have. And our feelings are fuel to our behaviour. They give - or take - power, trust and joy.

Besides the conscious goals and intentions of the coachee and the optimum support for their realization by the subconscious "autopilot", we also take another aspect into consideration in our coaching: The founder of Psychosynthesis, Roberto Assagioli, called this aspect of human consciousness the Superconscious. Others call this aspect intuition, inner wisdom, higher self, spiritual guidance or soul.

When our conscious mind, our subconscious beliefs and our soul are in agreement with each other, we experience harmony, flow and results at work and in other areas of life that are a genuine expression of ourselves in the highest and best way.