The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

- C.G. Jung -

Clients and references

Lars Steinberg has been contracted by clients in more than 10 countries. Amongst his clients are international companies such as IKEA, Toyota and Boehringer Ingelheim, medium-size companies such as Papyrus (paper wholesaler) and Berner & Mattner (automotive supplier), top athlets, and public clients such as the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Oslo University Hospital, the Food Surveillance Authority and the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO).


Here are some original voices of people whom Lars has worked with in different learning- and development processes:


An excellent programme which has expanded my mind and belief in what is possible. Thank you Lars.”

Joe McGrath, Management Development Manager, Toyota UK, Derby, England


"I have learned a lot, which I can use very well in my work and also in my private life. I will begin immediately to use the tools I learned."

Bente Rørvik Urkedal, bank leader at Sparebanken Møre


“An unmissable life changing experience. It feels like I have been gifted a new Honda with unlimited free patrol to continue my journey. Leather seats, cruise control and complete reliability. Thank you so much Lars.”

Andy Finn, unit leader, Birmingham


“An excellent program. Lars is a patient, caring and present instructor, with a lot of knowledge and an excellent delivery."

Peter Weaver, professional tennis coach


“A thoroughly enlightening and very enjoyable program. Lars has been wonderful - calm, pleasant, helpful, quietly in complete control."

Ásta Price, Island


“A fantastic course! I feel like a treasure chest full of treasure and want to take the benefits of it to the world.

Rachel Kent, psychotherapist, Pershore (UK)