We are born to realize the magnificence of life in ourselves. And when we let our light shine, we encourage others to do the same.

- Nelson Mandela -

About Lars Steinberg

Lars Steinberg founded Energy Upgrade in 2005 and lives 3 minutes from the Hamar Olympic Hall at Norway´s largest lake, about 1 hour North of Oslo´s main airport. Lars was born in Berlin, grew up close to Lübeck in Germany, moved to Norway in 1991 and has a degree from the University of Bergen (Norway) and a European Master from a cooperation of 9 universities in France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. He speaks English, German and Norwegian fluently and has been on assignments in more than 10 countries.

Picture Lars Steinberg"For me it is important to be in balance as a human being with my body, mind, heart and soul. When this is the case, I can be a good companion for companies, other organisations and leaders in change and transition. The best I can I live what I am teaching. I have a passion for creating a safe space in which people and organisations can explore new solutions, realize their potential and create fulfilling results. It is a joy for me to design and facilitate processes for learning and change that open for creativity and life force, a unison of mind and heart and a balance between inspiration, reflection and action."

Lars has more than 15 years of consultancy experience, has coached a large number of leaders in business, public sector and other organisations as well as different professional top sportsmen and has done leadership trainings with a huge variety of clients. In addition, he has contributed to the development of teams, strategies, communication skills, working climate, service, value-based selling and conflict resolution.

He has experience with working both with individuals and in groups of between 3 and 450 participants in creative and focussed participation processes. Clients he has worked for include IKEA, Toyota, Statoil, the Sparebank1-bank group, Papyrus, Boehringer-Ingelheim Norway, The Norwegian Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Oslo University Hospital, the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) and a number of smaller and large municipalities. 

Earlier work-experience:
2001 - 2006: Consultant in the HR-group of Agenda AS (now Agenda Kaupang), Oslo region, Norway
1998 - 2000: Leader for a strategy development program in the Business Innovation Centre RKW Hessen, Germany
1997 - 1998: Project leader in the Department of the Environment, Energy, Youth and Health in the German state of Hessen.

Relevant supplemental education and trainings:

  • The Genuine Contact™ Program: Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution, Advanced Work with the Conscious Genuine Contact Organisation and Train the Trainer Certification training with Birgitt Williams in North Carolina, USA.
  • CTT: Cultural Transformation Tools certification by the Richard Barrett Values Center.
  • Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council training with Jim Rough.
  • JTI (Norwegian version of MBTI) and Teamcompass certification with Optimas.
  • Circle Curriculum and "The Circle Way - A leader in every chair" intensive training with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea.
  • Expand the Box training with Clinton Callahan from the Next Culture Research and Training Centre.
  • PER-K and PSYCH-K: Facilitator training, Professionals Course and instructor certification training for basic and advanced workshops, the latter with Robert M. Williams in Crestone, Colorado, USA.
  • Yuen-method with Dr. Kam Yuen.   
  • Twin Star training with Ben Furman.
  • "From Problem to Solution"-training with Evan George at the BRIEF centre in London.
  • A number of seminars with Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden.
  • Certification training and trainer education for the "Awakening the Dreamer Symposium", in Europe also called "Be the Change Symposium", by the Pachamama Alliance, San Francisco.