Welcome to Energy Upgrade!

Energy Upgrade contributes to the human development on our planet through supporting people and organisations in opening to new possibilities and achieving more than they believed was possible. According to Albert Einstein, problems can´t be solved at the same level of thinking that we were in when we got into them. With this perspective, we create safe spaces for processes of learning and growth that allow to access creativity and vitality, an interplay of mind and heart and a balance between inspiration, reflection and action. Energy Upgrade offers tailor-made services in the following areas:



We offer businesses and other organisations support in

  • Unlocking the energy, flexibility and innovative power of their employees
  • Focusing this energy like a laser beam on the manifestation of the organisation´s purpose, mission and vision
  • Achieving new levels of success in a dynamic interaction both internally and with the sourroundings.


Support of good meetings and conferences

On the basis of the customer´s goals, we create a tailor-made process design and facilitate meetings and conferences. We use a variety of methods to tap into the knowledge and wisdom, the energy and the drive of the participants. It is important to us to create a safe space for an active participation and to invite the whole person with her or his mind and intuition. Energy Upgrade has many years of experience with amongst others Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, Whole Person Process Facilitation and World Café as methods for meetings and conferences with between 3 and 450 participants, in events lasting between a few hours and several days.

Seminars and trainings

We offer tailor-made seminars and trainings for leaders, employees and teams. On the basis of the customer´s goals and intentions, we compose a content, a time-frame and a methodology that invites the whole person into the learning- or training process, not only the mind. This enables sustainable results and allows the participants to master their challenges with new knowledge, new wisdom and new tools. As examples, we have a rich experience and a number of satisfied customers with regard to seminars and trainings with the following topics: "New Time Leadership", "Mindset upgrade", "Team performance", "Value based selling" and "Challanging conversations".

Coaching and Mentoring

We are of service as coaches or mentors for a time of development. Coaching is an effective process of collaboration for contributing to a conscious development of the personality and leadership. Amongst others, a coaching process can be used to develop visons, strategies and specific action steps to their manifestation, or to create a coherence between intuition, feelings, conscious choices and subconscious patterns. This can open up new possibilities for inspired actions and fulfilling results. In addition to business coaching, we offer personal life-coaching to reestablish or further develop a healthy work-life balance. Mentoring focuses more on a state of being rather than doing and often implies the trasfer of wisdom through story-telling.